11/13/2017 - Support for older versions of Internet Explorer ended - January 2018 - MKB0139



    On January 12, 2016, Microsoft announced that they will stop technical support and security updates for the older version of Internet Explorer. They will continue providing support for Internet Explorer 11.

    To prevent putting our users at risk we will be following Microsoft's move to stop supporting the older, insecure versions of Internet Explorer beginning January 2018.
    Major areas of MyOrderDesk will no longer function on older versions of Internet Explorer after January 2018.


    If you wish to read more into this please follow this link which will take you to Microsoft's announcement:

    If you have questions, please call our support line at: 866-770-7561 (option 2)


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      Cameron MacGregor

      How do you plan to go about "not supporting" IE 10 or earlier?

      Scenario 1:
      Will those still using earlier versions get an error message that stops them in their tracks (i.e.: they can't use MyOrderDesk and its order forms)?

      Scenario 2:
      They can still use the site but they'll be presented with warning banners that the site may not fully work as expected as its no longer supported/tested.

      Believe it or not, Scenario 1 may be better because we have some people that are still on XP machines and (presumably) IE8! Some order forms have behaved strangely for them likely because of the old, outdated JavaScript in their old, outdated browsers.
      This can be frustrating to troubleshoot: sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

      Better to draw a clear line in the sand? So long as any explanatory message mentions that users can try other browsers like Chrome or Firefox, which tend to support (tolerate?) earlier versions of Windows more then Internet Explorer.

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      This depends, however in most cases they will be unable to use the website at all and will need to upgrade.

      With HTTP pages they can access them and will see the notice to upgrade., however with HTTPS they will be unable to continue further and the page will not function for them.

      So it's a mix depending on if they are trying to access HTTPS or HTTP.

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      Cameron MacGregor

      Ah... that clears it up, thanks. We have the secure option (HTTPS) turned on for most customers' forms so those on old browsers may be able to access the top level of the site ("Send Files and Orders"), just not the forms themselves.

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