Advanced UDF Fields - MKB0140


    There are some effects that can take place once you've created a text field of a specific name.
    Below is a list of some of those effects that you can add to your form.

    These fields generally extend or alter the functionality of an order or a form in a very specific way.

        SFNoReset - Stops fields from losing their values when SmartForms hides the fields. This effect is useful if you are planning on temporarily hiding information to save space and that information needs to be kept.

        CartDueDate - Allows you to set a "Cart Due By" on single item carts that skip checkout.

        CartNotes - Allows you to use the "Cart Order Notes" free-text field for order notes on single item carts that skip checkout.

        Category - Allows you to set the category of an item by passing a category ID




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