Using Email-to-Print (E2P) - MKB0141


    Recently we released a feature called Email-to-Print, referred to as E2P.

    The Email-to-Print feature from MyOrderDesk makes it easy for your customer to use email while giving your shop the benefit of centralizing the communication thread and files in MyOrderDesk.

    Below is a video explaining the basics of using E2P and how it can help your shop manage inbound emails.

    If you would like to see a demonstration first hand or would like help with setting up this feature
    please call our support line at 866-770-7561 (Option 2) or send an email to and our support team will be able to assist you.

    If you would like to test this feature without any automatic emails being sent to customers for confirmation you can do so by disabling the AutoReply options in the Tickets section of the website. This way you can use the system as much as you would like without confusing customers.


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