EzMerge Warnings when Uploading New Files.


    When updating EzMerge templates there are warnings for potential issues with the file you are uploading. For instance, if you have a typo, remove a block, or upload the wrong PDF our system will prompt you with a warning before allowing you to proceed.

    Shown below is an example where the "Name" section of the template has been accidentally removed, however, the system can tell and warns us before overwriting the template and potentially causing an issue. From there we can cancel the upload and investigate the cause.


    This warning will also be in effect if you accidentally upload the wrong file, this should prevent anyone from losing their hard work on a template. Below is an example of someone selecting the wrong file when trying to update their EzMerge template.
    Even with these warnings in place we strongly recommend creating a back up of both the EzMerge template on MyOrderDesk and the PDF when doing any updates.



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