Importing and Exporting Catalogs.


    When creating or editing many catalogs it may be easier to use the Import and Export feature. Exporting your catalogs will give you a CSV with three pieces of information about each one. 

    1. Path: This is not only the name of the catalog but also it's parents name, for instance, to create a catalog called Apparel with another catalog inside called T-Shirts you would have a path that looks like this: Apparel,T-Shirts

    2. ImageUrl: This will be the location of the image that the catalog should be using. This can be easily seen from the link section of the file library if you do not know what your file path is.

    3. OrderFormIDs: This is how order forms are assigned to catalog during an import, separate multiple Order Form IDs with commas.

    The CSV can then be edited and Imported to create new catalogs or alter old ones. Below is an example of someone downloading their catalog then importing an edited CSV file to add a new catalog to their website. After uploading you are given a review screen to make sure everything is being imported correctly. Once verified the Import button will complete the process.



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