Creating Site Administrators, Job Administrators, and Staff - MKB 0064


    "How can my employees use all the back-end, job management features I use as the Site Owner? For example, the 'DELETE Stored File(s)', 'DELETE Job AND Files' buttons and adding job comments. Or, what if I want a staff member to setup and maintain my web pages?"

    MyOrderDesk has four sign in security settings (lowest to highest):

    • Customer
    • Staff (Can Retrieve files)
    • Job Administrator (Can Retrieve & Delete files)
    • Site Administrator (All the Owner capabilities)
    • Site Owner

    If you want a staff member to have access to job or website controls:

    1. Add them to your site by either:
      1. Having them sign up like a new customer (preferred), OR
      2. Manually add their email address using the Users & Groups area.
    2. Once they are in the system you can upgrade their status from 'Customer' by assigning them to one of the Employee groups using the Users & Groups area.
    3. You may also want to set their Notification permission to 'Notify' if you want them to be emailed when a new job arrives, etc. For more details, select the 'Email' category above and review the 'Adding a staff member to the email list' topic.

    My Account tab > Users & Groups > Everyone group > "+" > add staff email address > select and assign address to an Employee group > set Notifications to Notify


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