Advanced ezMerge Formatting and Bullet Examples MKB - 0069


    Example 1

    This example assumes you have experience building Advanced ezMerge Templates.



    In the above example, since "TEL", "MOB", and "FAX" are a different size font than the phone number, we cannot use field linking. This means that in addition to the 3 fields we created on the PDF to hold the phone numbers, we must create 3 more fields to hold the phone number descriptors (teltype_field, mobtype_field, faxtype_field). See below.




    After Uploading the PDF into the Advanced ezMerge Template you'll need to configure the fields for the appropriate font size and formatting.

    NOTE that the 3 fields that hold the phone types will be configured like the screens shot below



    Then, our phone_block will be configured per the illustration below.

    NOTE: This example also illustrates how to add a bullet point between fields. Notice above that we have created a "bullet_field" on the PDF and the Field Settings are configured like so:


    Notice that we have placed <optional></optional> tags around the both the mobtype_field and {mob_field}. This is so that when a Mobile number is not specified it will remove the bullet and the field.





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      Adriene Woodworth

      Examples of advanced functions (like this one) are so helpful!  Please continue to post them!

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      Online Order Desk

      How would this work if only one number was used? Say they only want the {mobtype_field} and {mob_field} without the Tel number or a Fax number wanted. How do you eliminate the bullet before and after the Mob?


      Kevin Kahny

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      Online Order Desk

      Or if they only wanted the Telephone number. no "mob" or "Fax",  how do you eliminate the bullet after the first number?

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      Adam Witek


      Great question!

      If {mobtype_field} and the {mob_field} use the same formatting (font, size, color) that this is pretty simple and can be accomplished with using the Field Linking tab. If this is not the case and the formatting is different, this is more advanced and you'll need to open a suppor ticket.

      If the formatting is the same:

      The {mob_field} Linking tab would have the following:

      • {mobtype_field} {mob_field}

      The {fax_field} Linking tab would have the following:

      • {faxtype_field} {fax_field}


      Then, the Textflow Builder tab for phone_block would look like this:



      Thanks Kevin!

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      Walter Germer

      Adam you solved it when you only have Telephone number .....

      but doesn't work if you only have Mobile number or Fax number ....

      how would you do that..... simpler if you have Direct number and Mobile number with a bullet between

            and you can have both or just direct or just mobile

      and you don't want the bullet to print ???????


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      Sarah Rasley

      This link doesn't work but I think it's exactly what I need... it says I don't have permission.  Is there a way I can read it?


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