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    How to setup a Branded Site for the first time in MyOrderDesk

    1. Have your dedicated MyOrderDesk sales or service technician enable the Branded Sites feature for your account. There is no limit to the number of branded sites you are allowed.

    2. Click the "Create New Site..." link under the Administration Menu. Otherwise use the instructions below to setup your first branded site.

    BS2.png    BS1.png

    3. Branded sites will use the MyOrderDesk domain name (i.e. by default. However, we strongly suggest creating a subdomain or purchasing a custom domain for your branded site such as or

    4. Enter a Site Owner Email address for the new site, this email cannot already be in use on a MyOrderDesk site. We recommend creating email aliases that forward to your email address. (This can be done with the help of your email service provider)



    Your email account will be automatically added as a Site Administrator on the new website. The new website should appear in your drop down list, if not, refresh the page.

    If the new website does not appear in the drop down list, follow the instructions below.

    In order for the new Branded Site to appear in your "Switch to Site" drop down box, there must be a Site Administrator on your Master site and your Branded Site that uses the same email address.

    Open the Administration Menu and navigate to Users & Groups > Highlight the "Everyone" group > Expand the "Members" area > Click on the Plus button to manually add a user > Add the email address and password of the Site Administrator that exists on your Master site (see special note below). Then, assign that user as a Site Administrator by highlighting their email address and using the "Assign Group" drop down.

    SPECIAL NOTE: you are NOT required to type is the correct password when adding the Site Administrator to the Branded Site. The MyOrderDesk system does not allow multiple email addresses and you'll receive the attached screen shot no matter what password you provide.




    Log into your MyOrderDesk account and click the Help link found in the administration menu.


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