Shopping Cart Fields appearing as "N/A" MKB - 0072


    In this knowledge base article we will learn why MyOrderDesk inserts N/A into the Cart Checkout and Job Details page.

    See the below illustration for Example.



    Seeing these N/A values indicates that the mapping is not complete for Job Form's cart mapping.

    First, locate the associated Job Form (names are referenced in the red circle below). Open the associated Job Form in edit mode using My Account > Job Forms > Search or Edit Forms... 



    For this example we notice that the cart was enabled, but no Job Forms fields were mapped to the Shopping Cart fields. MyOrderDesk will display "N/A" for any non-mapped fields.



    Using the drop down boxes we select the associated fields. In this example we do not have a Shipping Total or Taxable Total.



    After the cart mapping is correct, the proper quantity, price, and weight will transfer over to the cart.

    NOTE: in the example above there were 2 items in this cart and both had incomplete mapping.  Be sure to correct the mapping for all Job Forms that are displaying N/A.


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      Carla Towers

      Adam, here is my problem. When I go into a form that has more than one Docmart item available to order, it asks for me to choose one of them to apply the cart quantity. I want all Docmart items on that form to display the quantity in the cart, if ordered. How do I do that?

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      Adam Witek


      Putting multiple DocMart Items on a single Order Form can create complications. We've built DocMart Catalogs to help the process of offering multiple DocMart items to your end users.

      See the response in this other KB article (link below). By Using DocMart catalogs, there will be one DocMart item tied to the quantity and that will allow you to map 1 quantity field to the shopping cart.

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