Advanced Auto-Fill Builder Tool MKB - 0077


    Occasionally, Advanced Auto-Fill formulas can become lengthy.

    The Advanced Auto-Fill Builder Tool DOWNLOAD is available at the very bottom of this KB article.

    This tool is compatible with up to 15 fields. If you have more than 15 fields, you'll need Excel experience to modify the formulas.



    -Only modify the YELLOW and GREEN cells

    -Replace the text in the YELLOW cells with the names of the fields to be auto-filled. If you do not use all 10 fields, be sure to delete the text from the  YELLOW cells. Do not leave unused data there. This field name comes directly out of the form you are Order Form inside MyOrderDesk. See illustration below.



    -Replace the text in the GREEN boxes with the data to be filled into the corresponding fields. The field "value" does not correspond to a field on the form, but it's an invisible number which allows you to perform calculations in Smart Forms, QwikPrice, and other Power Fields. 




    After you have entered all your data, click on the OUTPUT sheet 




    Drag and select all the cells in column A and copy/paste them into your Advanced Auto-Fill menu. See the next 2 images.

    NOTE: Only copy & paste the cells in column A. It may appear that data is in the other cells, but that is not the case, it is all in column A.






    Finally, be sure to check your menu to make sure it's working and is formatted correctly.







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