Change the size of your ezMerge proof display - MKB 0083


    In this knowledge base article we'll demonstrate how to easily change the size of your ezMerge proof.

    This option is set either globally so all ezMerge items will be the same size, or it can set per Order Form.

    In the "After" picture below you'll notice that the ezMerge proof is considerably smaller than the "Before" picture. This method helps conserve space on the screen if you have longer fields.




    Start by opening the Order Form containing the ezMerge proof you'd like to resize.

    Add a "Script" field to the Order Form by clicking and dragging it from the left to the right hand side. The field can be placed wherever you prefer.




    Name the field something logical like "ezmergesize". No caption is needed.





     Paste the following code into the Field Value and click Update. Notice that you can change the pixel size (300) to your liking.


    <style type="text/css">

    div.aemimgarea-L {







    Your ezMerge Proof will now appear smaller on your Order Form.


    This option can be set at a global level for ALL ezMerge Proofs by inserting the same code in Site Settings > SEO/Code > Code > Head Code



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      Michael Wagner

      Thanks! I'm probably going to use this more to increase the preview window than reduce, personally. Setting the size to 99% worked really well for a form we have that's a large pocket folder. Of course the downside is that it pushes it down below all your fields, but that's not really a big deal if you don't have many fields to enter data.

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      Michael Wagner

      In case there's anyone else out there who is using this feature to enlarge their proof, you can add a "margin-top" entry to add some space after the fields. In my case, I found that using the code "div.aemimgarea-L {max-width:100%;margin-top:20px}" has worked well so far.

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