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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making your website easily found when prospects and customers are searching for your type of business with sites such as Google and Yahoo (search engines). Below are some best practices that are free to help draw more attention to your Print business.

    • ( make sure your Print Business is registered. This is Very Important!
    • Your Print Business needs profile accounts with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus - Link them to your web store from your Admin Settings.
    • Keeps these updated! It's not hard. If you have a smartphone it's VERY simple to walk around your Print Business using the video camera feature and post directly to any of the sites above. Also, while you're on facebook share something to your page that doesn't pertain to Print. The goal here is to create brand recognition and increase SEO.
    • Follow your website's performance and where visitors are coming from using Google Analytics. Add the code to My Account > Site Settings > SEO/Code > Code
    • Collaborate with local businesses to promote your domain name with a simple message. Ask them to add a link on their website to your website, and then add a link to theirs. Share in success!
    • Register your Domain Name with Google:
    • Register your Domain Name with Yahoo:
    • Register your Domain Name with Bing:
    • Register on -
    • Register on -
    • Make sure your MyOrderDesk SEO settings are complete. My Account > Site Settings > SEO/Code > Metadata/Opengraph/Facebook


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