Hiding DocMart elements on a Order Form - MKB 0095


    DocMart users have the ability to hide some or all of the DocMart elements on their Job Forms.

    1) Begin by adding a script field to your Job Form...


    2) ...then copy and paste the script below into the field value box:


    To hide "In Stock":

    <script type="text/javascript"> 
    $(function () { 
    var style = $('<style>.dm-stock { display:none; }</style>'); 
    $('html > head').append(style); 

    NOTE: "dm-stock" shown above is bolded and can be substituted for any of the items listed below:  

    A) dm-stock - In Stock link 
    B) dm-history - History link 
    C) dm-price - price 
    D) dm-taxable - taxable flag 
    E) dm-weight - weight 
    F) dm-min - min order amount 
    G) dm-max - max order amount 
    H) dm-incr - order increment amount 
    I) dm-attr - All the above.

    A visual key to the items listed above is as follows:


    You can also hide this information site-wide by placing the following information within the SEO/Code area: 

    .dm-attr {display:none;} 
    .dm-total {display:none;} 

    You access this area by going to MyAccount > Site Settings > SEO/Code > Code   



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