Using Google Translate to Translate MyOrderDesk for Use with Other Languages - MKB 0099


    1. After signing in to your Google account, use the following link:

    2. You will then enter the URL of your website as well as select the original language of your website (see the image below). Once this is done, click next.


    3. On the plugin settings page, you will change Translation languages from All languages to Specific languages, choosing your desired translation language from the list. For example, we have chosen French as our desired translation language. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Get Code.



     Your results should look like the following image:





    4. Copy the second code provided. Then go into your MyOrderDesk account and go to My Account --> Site Settings --> SEO/Code.

    Open the Code Tab and scroll down to the section labeled <body/>. You will paste your script into this section.
    NOTE: Please be sure to add the following script after <script type="text/javascript"> :

    document.cookie="googtrans=/en/ABBREVIATION OF LANGUAGE";

    In this instance, the abbreviation would be fr, which you can identify within the script you received from Google.

    Therefore, the final script for the French translation will look like this:  




    If the code is working properly, your page will now be translated into the selected language, and will have a dropdown option at the top that will allow you to view the site in its original language if you so choose.




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