The MyOrderDesk Administration Bar - MKB 0106


    The MyOrderDesk Administration Bar makes navigating your MyOrderDesk website quick and easy! This article will demonstrate the navigation system.


    When signed in as an employee of the printshop, the Administration Bar will appear. In the image below, outlined in red, is a text box to quickly access a Job, Cart or Item by entering its ID.

    To access a Job, type the JobID and press enter.


    To access a Cart, type "C(followed by the cart number)" and it will open the cart.


    To access a specific Item, type "I(followed by the item number).



    Clicking on the Switch to Edit link, labeled by the blue arrow below, navigates you to the settings of whatever page you are on. If you're viewing an Order Form, the link will take you to the Form Builder.

    The question mark, circled in green below, will take you to the help page for the specific page you're on. If there is no help available it will navigate you to our Support Center.

    The three horizontal bars on the left, labeled by the red arrow below, will open the Administration Menu. 




    The Administration Menu

    1.) The first drop down menu, labeled with the red arrow below, is your Account number followed by the MyOrderDesk Website you are currently logged into. Use this drop down menu to create or quickly switch between your branded sites. 

    2.) The second drop down menu, labeled with the blue arrow, shows the currently logged in User. Use this drop down menu to sign out, or sign in as another user.

    3.)The menu, outlined in red below, lists every component and page of your MyOrderDesk website. Clicking on a link will bring you to the corresponding page.




    Some of the menu links have arrows that open sub-navigation menus.




    If you have any comments or questions please start a support ticket or call 866-770-7567




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