How to use the Proofing Feature - MKB 0113


    The Proofing feature allows print shops to centrally manage their Proofing process. Instead of transferring files between email accounts, use your MyOrderDesk website to house the Proofs and keep clear communication with your users through email notifications that drive them to your website.

    What does the workflow look like:

    1. The Print shop logs into their MyOrderDesk website, starts a new Proof, uploads a Proof file, enters in the recipient's email address.
    2. An email is dispatched to the recipient and the Proof is added to the Proofs dashboard.
    3. The recipient clicks the email link, which takes them to the website where they approve/deny the Proof and add any additional notes.
    4. The Printshop is notified of the status once it's been updated and can make changes accordingly.

    The Proofing feature is a time efficiency tool and allows you to stay organized as it tracks the status of every Proof.


    To get started, follow these steps!

    Step 1. Use the Administration Menu to navigate to Proofs.



    Step 2. This is the Proofs dashboard. This dashboard will display a list of all Accepted, Rejected, and Pending Proofs. If a Proof is deleted from the dashboard, click "Show Deleted" to view a history of all your deleted Proofs. Start a Proof by clicking Create New Proof.



    Step 3. Enter a name for the Proof into the Project Name text box. Add additional notes for the recipient in the Additional Details box. If you have notes for only print shop employee's, enter them in the Shop Notes text Box.



    Step 4. Upload the Proof PDF or enter a URL into the File section(Red). Optionally, you can add a preview image that the recipient will see before downloading the Proof in the Preview section(Blue). NOTE: uploading a file to a Proof will trigger your daily rate for "file storage". If you do not use your MyOrderDesk website for storing production file storage, you can reference a file in your file library (see below).

    - Alternatively you can mouse over the File field and a button will appear next to the field (Green). Clicking on this button will allow you to upload a PDF or Image file from the File Library, if you use this method your daily rate will not be triggered.




    Step 5. Enter the recipients email address and name. MyOrderDesk will suggest names from your everyone group as you type in the recipients email. If you type an email address into the field that is not part of your everyone group a user profile will not be created.

    Step 5a. The drop down menu will display every employee in the employee group, choose from this list to select which employee will be notified.

    -If you'd like to notify multiple people we recommend creating an email alias in your email account such as to assign which email accounts should receive updates.

    Step 5b. If the Notify check box is not selected then an email will not be sent to the recipient. Click Save when finished!



    If you would like to edit the email template sent to the recipient, open the Administration menu and navigate to Site Settings > Notifications > and select Proof Update in the drop down menu.


    Step 6. When the user clicks on the link inside of the email notification they will be brought to the page below. From here the user can download the Proof, add comments, and accept or reject the Proof.




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