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    In this article we will be covering how to link your Docket Manager account to your MyOrderDesk website.This allows job data to pass from MyOrderDesk into Docket Manager for more in depth management. NOTE: The High Volume component from MyOrderDesk is required to enable the Docket Manager Integration.



    Linking Docket Manager to your MyOrderDesk Website

    Step 1.) Use the Administration Menu to navigate to Services > Docket Manager






    Step 2.)If not already filled in enter MyOrderDesk into the Service Name, then enter the URL (supplied by DocketManager) of your Docket Manager Account and add /api/importorderrequest to the end of the URL. Do not forget to include the protocol of the url(http or https)Check the Enabled box and click Save.

    If you'd like to test the integration on a current Job, enter an existing Job number into the Integration Testing Field and click New Order. The Job should appear inside DocketManager.



     Linking an Order Form to a Docket Manager Template.


    1.) Inside of Docket Manager open a template that you want to link to an Order Form. Assign the Template an External Identifier number, remember the number you set as the Identifier, you will have to insert it on the MyOrderDesk Order Form.




    2.) Create a new Order Form in MyOrderDesk. Then, create a Text or Number Field and name it ItemCode. In the Field Value enter the External Identifier number that you set in your Docket Manager Template. Then mark the field as hidden.




    3.) Additionally, create a Quantity and a Total Field. You will need to use a QwikPrice or Number Field for these fields. 




    4.) Open Cart options by clicking on the Cart button on the Settings bar.





    5.) Set the Total, Quantity and ItemCode Field maps to the fields you just created.





    6.) The other five Field Maps for Docket Manager can be mapped to fields of your choosing to collect and Import extra data into Docket Manager.




    7.) The mapped fields get passed into the notes section of the Docket Manager Template.  Open the Order template and scroll to the bottom. Click on the small pencil icon and the Information will display in a pop up window.




    This concludes the setup instructions for Docket Manager.

    If you need assistance, please contact support at 866.770.7561 opt. 2



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