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    *NEW* MyOrderDesk Skins - Powered by Wordpress

    MyOrderDesk Customers can now access up to five exciting new themes that will dramatically increase the customization and personalization of their website. To view these new themes, click on the link(s) below:

    Theme 1: http://wp1.printvia.com

    Theme 2: http://wp2.printvia.com

    Theme 3: http://wp3.printvia.com

    Theme 4: http://wp4.printvia.com

    Theme 5: http://wp5.printvia.com


    Contact MyOrderDesk Customer Service for more information regarding these fantastic new web themes.


    Once you have integrated one of the new themes to your web site, you will want to get it ready to launch ASAP. The steps below will provide the information needed to start the customization process. 


    Step 1:

    Insert Your Logo:

    Prior to placing any logos, images or artwork on your site, you will want to upload all media (photos, video, etc) to your media library.  To do so, go to your dashboard and click "media".  There will be sample items in this area that came with your theme.  Click "Add New" to upload your artwork to the library.  Once in this location, it will be very easy to update your site moving forward.

    To update your logo, go to Dashboard, and then Appearance -> Theme Options -> Logo



    Click "Upload", and you will be taken directly to the media library. Click on the logo you want to use, then click "Select" in the lower right corner. This will place your logo at the top of the page.


    Theme 1 (wp1.printvia.com) comes with a slider that rotates images on the home page. Your logo can be one of these images.

    To place your logo within that slider, you first will click on "Layer Slider WP".  The page will then open to look similar to the image below.  Click on "Transparent Header Slider" to open your options.


    Once "Transparent Header Slider" is clicked, you will see tabs for each of the four "layers" in this slider, two of which contain a logo.



    Each slide will show a list of the copy and the logo on the slide. You can proceed to update all content on each slide, including the logo.  




    Once saved, your logo will now be part of the home page slider.  You can also modify the content within the slider within this same area.

    Step 2:

    Add a new page:`

    Click “New” at the top of the page, then click “page”, which should be third from the top. You will then be able to name the page, and then add copy and change the attributes of the page.  As a reminder, you will want to set “Default Template” on the far right of the page to “100% Width”. Once you have completed setting up the specifics for this page, you will want to hit the "publish" button.


    Once the new page has been created, you will want to add this page to your menu structure. Your theme has two menus... 1) Top Menu, which is the row of menu items across the very top of your page, and 2) Main Menu, which is the menu located next to your company logo.

    To add your new page to a menu, go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus (See Image Below).  Use the drop-down box to choose the appropriate menu, then hit the "select" button.  In the sample below, we created a new page entitled "Add Page Test". Check the box next to that page, then click the "Add to Menu" box.  That new page will then appear within the "Menu Structure" list (most likely at the bottom of the list). You can determine the location of a menu item by clicking on the name of the page in the "Menu Structure" field, then dragging it up or down to the location desired.  Once the menu item is in the desired location, you will need to hit the "save menu" button the the far right side of the page.



    Step 3:

    Modify Existing Pages:

    Your theme gives you the flexibility of changing or modifying your existing pages at any time.

    Simply click on “Pages” found in the left navigation to view existing pages, or add a new page.  Once in this area, you can complete a variety of tasks including changing the name of a page, adjusting, changing or eliminating sliders on a page, or changing a color scheme. Again, once changes are made, you will want to hit the "Update" button.


    Step 4:

    Deleting Pages: 

    Your theme will be populated with several pre-existing pages you will not be using. To remove a page, go to “Pages”, then “All Pages”.  A list of all your current pages will appear, most likely in alphabetical order.

    When you hover your curser over the name of each page, you are given the option to “Edit”, “Quick Edit”, “Trash” or “View” your page.

    By clicking “Trash” you will remove that permanently remove that page from your site.


    Step 5:

    Customize your “Contact Us” Page:

    On the Dashboard page, click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Contact to update all the information regarding your business.  By typing in your address, your location will be highlighted on a Google Maps image, which you can customize to your liking. Once all your setting are in place, click the "Save All Changes" in the upper right corner.



    Questions?  Do not hesitate to contact the MyOrderDesk Customer Service Team.  We are here to help!


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