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    In this Article we will be showing you how to turn a DocMart list into a Catalog for your users to order from. ( see example Catalog below )




    Order Forms created by the DocMart Catalogs feature do not count against your Order Form limit.

    If you're a newer user to MyOrderDesk, we recommend reviewing these two articles before proceeding.

    DocMart Help and Training 101:

    Converting to and Setting up Catalogs:

    Step1. Navigate to Add/Edit Order Forms in the Administration Menu.




     Step 2. Click on the New Form button.




     Step 3. Drag and drop a DocMart Single Item field onto the Order Form and pick an item from the list. It doesn't matter which one.


    - Add any additional fields to the Order Form. (text boxes, menus, etc.)

    Before saving the form, click the Options button and "hide" the Order Form.





    - Save your Order Form when complete.


     Step 4. Use the Administration Menu to navigate to Catalogs.




    Step 5. Create a new Catalog and name it appropriately. If this is not a branded site, we recommend identifying the business name somewhere in the name for easier organization.




     Step 6. Check the Enabled box to turn on the new Catalog, it will not be customer view-able until you enable it inside of Users and Groups.

    - Upload a Catalog Icon by clicking on the Image button which will appear when you mouse over the Image textfield.




    Step 7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and expand the Catalogs DocMart Items menu. 




    Step 8. In this step, you're going to assign the DocMart list to the Order Form that you created earlier. This is a two step process where you first select the Order Form, then assign the DocMart list to it.


    Step 8-1: Select the Order Form you built earlier using the Order Form drop down menu(circled in red).



    Step 8-2: Assign the DocMart list to the Order Form. When assigning the DocMart list to the Order Form, there are two different options available.

    a. "On with Catalog Order Form" is the recommended selection and most commonly used. It will build a separate page for every item in the DocMart list based on the Order Form selected in the previous step. When in doubt, use this selection.




    b."On with Assigned Order Form" There may be a scenario where you want two different DocMart Lists to appear in the same Catalog but get generated based on different Order Forms. In this case, select your DocMart list then turn it on with a different assigned Order Form.This will place all the Items on the list into the same Catalog with the formatting of the assigned Order Form



    A finished Catalog will look similar to the below picture. While only one Order Form was created, MyOrderDesk generated a page for every item in my DocMart list. This is a big time saver when you have many DocMart Items.



    If you need additional assistance please start a support ticket using the Help! link found in the administration menu, or call 866-770-7561 opt 2.



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