Locking Fields Filled by Advanced Auto Fill Rules - MKB 0094


    When using auto fill rules, you can make fields un-editable once they are populated. 



    To accomplish this, you will use the {locked} command as indicated below:

    Brentwood@={udf_ShipAddressLine1}=750 Old Hickory Blvd.@={udf_ShipAddressLine1}={locked}@={udf_ShipAddressLine2}=Building Two@={udf_ShipAddressLine2}={locked}@={udf_ShipCity}=Brentwood@={udf_ShipCity}={locked}... etc...

    This command will not allow the end-user to change data within the fields.

    You can reverse this command and unlock fields by simply using the {unlock} command in the same fashion.  This command would come in handy if one of your drop-down selections requires the user to type in data. (As shown below)



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