02/19/2016 - MyOrderDesk website update alert - Job History page changes


    The following changes are being rolled out to the Job History page

    Roll out plan:
    Wednesday February 24 2016 - Start
    Friday February 26 2016 - End

    1. The Job History page will be fully web responsive and look great on any size display, including the Search Tools area

    2. The current Job Filters hyperlink will be replaced with a "Search Tools" button

    3. The Search Tools options will be hidden by default. Clicking the "Search Tools" button will reveal the additional search fields

    4. MyOrderDesk will memorize whether you've chosen to display the Search Tools or not when you change pages and revisit the Job History page

    5. Previously when searching for a Job by Project Name, the "%" was required any place that a space existed. The "%" sign will no longer be required and the standard space will be permitted.

    If you have any questions or concerns please log into your MyOrderDesk account and use the help link found in the Administration menu or call 866-770-7561 ext. 2


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