Setting Up A Test Group And Test User 101 - Article 5 of 7


    Understanding how permissions work in MyOrderDesk is crucial. In this step we’re going to create a test group and a test user. We’ll use this newly created account to test the system.


    Log into the system as a Site Administrator, click on the three horizontal bars to display the Administration Menu, then click on "Users & Groups". 




    Click Use the + button to create a new group. Name the group TEST and click ADD.




    Click Members on the right to expand and view the members of this group. You will see that there are none at this time. Use the + button below the members list to add a new user to this group. We recommend using a secondary account such as a Gmail or Yahoo address. If you do not have one, have your email administrator add an alias that you can use i.e.

    Assign them an email address and password.



    Click on the small black arrow next to Members to close up those options and click the arrow next to Order Forms to expand it’s options. This is where we tell the system which Order Forms this group of users has access to. There are 3 sections an Order Form can fall under.

    1. 1. On

    2. 2. Off

    3. 3. Default (use the ‘Everyone’ group setting”

    In one of the beginning steps, you created an Order Form. We are going to turn the Order Form ‘on’ for the TEST group. Click once on the Order Form and use the pull down menu to set turn the Order Form ‘on’. This Order Form is now accessible to everyone in the TEST group you created.




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