Logging in as an End User & Submitting an Order 101 - Article 6 of 7


    To test end user permissions you must log in as that end user.
    If you know the customer's email address and password, you can sign in as them. However, a much easier method, which doesn't require knowing their password, is described below.


    Click the three horizontal bars to display the administration menu and select “Sign In As…”



    Select the TEST group, created in article 5, and then the test user and click Sign In




    There are profile fields that must be completed by this test end user before the system will let you navigate around the site. Navigate to your Order page and the system will prompt you to finish filling out the profile. See image below




    After the required profile information has been filled out, navigate to your main Order page. You should see the Job Form that was enabled for that end user. You will also see any other Order Forms that are turned ON for the Everyone group.



    Next, we’re going to submit an order as the Test user. Click on the Order Form you turned on for this group. Fill in the Project Name and attach a file from your computer to this order. Then click "Add to Cart". NOTE: The checkout process is highly customizable. The example below is a sample.

     PagePath Technologies - 2015-12-02 21-37-01.png


    On the Cart Summary Page, click Check Out



    Fill out any checkout optional Checkout Options, then click "Place Order"



    You will see the Job Sent confirmation on the following page. Both your customer and you will receive an email notification that an order has been sent.



    -You may need to read this more than once-

    -This is in regards to clicking on links inside email notifications-

    When you are testing the send process as an end user, you MUST use 2 different internet browsers. For instance, if your default browser is Firefox, and you are performing a test signed in as an end user in Firefox, the hyperlinks in email notifications you receive must be copy/pasted in a different browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Otherwise, if you click on that link, it will attempt to open up the link, signed in as your end user, not yourself since the end user is logged into the website at this time. If you run into a complication, your best option is to clear all your browser’s temporary files and cookies and retry the operation.


    To sign back into the website as yourself, click on My Account, then click the link titled [Return to First Lastname…] and then click the “Revert” button.




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