Setting up Employees 101 - Article 2 of 7


    Any employee of the print shop requiring access to the MyOrderDesk website will need to be added to the website.

    To add an employee: Log into your MyOrderDesk website and click on the 3 horizontal bars to display the administration menu. Then, click Users and Groups.



    Click on the "Everyone" group along the left hand side and expand the Member link on the right.



    Click the "+" button and then input an email address and password for the employee, then click "add". Repeat this for all employees that will be accessing the website.



    Next, we will assign permissions to the newly added employees. There are 4 levels of permission for employees.

    Site Owner – There can be only 1 site owner. The Site Owner name and email address is what will be shown on all outgoing email notifications to your end users. The site owner account will also be notified when an end user creates a new account.
    Site Administrators – have the same permissions as the Site Owner. They can modify all options in the MyOrderDesk website.
    Job Administrators – have full access to all Orders in the website. They cannot add/edit Order Forms or change options on the website.
    Staff – is able to download Job Files and view the details of all Jobs. They cannot delete Jobs.


    In the member list, click on an employee and use the pull down menu below to assign them to one of the levels above. After assigning the employee to a certain level, the system will take you to the employees group. You'll need to click back on the Everyone group to continue assigning permissions to employees





    After you've assigned all employees, click on the Employees group along the left hand side. Confirm that all employees are setup correctly. Upon first signing in, your employees will need to finish filling in their profile information.




    You can change what information is required in the Profile by using the "Set Required Fields" link on the left hand side of the Users and Groups page.




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