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    The term “Order Form” will be used frequently during the training process. Order Forms are what your customers will be interacting with in order to send orders to you.


    Understanding Order Forms:

    The next steps will walk you through creating an Order Form and adding a field to that Order Form.


    To add/edit Order Forms, click on the three horizontal bars to display the Administration Menu, then click on Add/Edit Order Forms.




    This page allows you to create a new Order Form or use the pull down menu to edit an existing Order Forms.

    Click the New Form button.




    Give your Order Form a name and click OK.




    When working with an Order Form, there is an “edit” mode and “view” mode. The edit mode is where you’ll make changes to the Order Form. The “view” mode is how your end user will see the Order Form. This is an example of “Edit” mode. 

    Every Order form starts with four fields on the form Job Description, Job Notes, Upload, and Send.




    You can add a field to an Order Form by clicking and dragging from the left, over the right hand side and placing the field where you’d like it to appear on the Order Form.

    In the Example below we’re adding a checkbox to the Order Form and placing it just above the Job Description Field.




    Upon placing the checkbox you’ll be prompted to assign the field a Name and a Caption. The customer will NOT see the field name, they will see the field caption. The field name is NOT changeable once the field has been added to the Order Form. If a field needs to be renamed, it must be deleted and re-added. However, the field caption can be changed. After you have named your field and caption click OK.




    Once the field is created, you’ll notice that it has been expanded automatically. The small arrow to the left allows you to expand a fields options.

    Fill in a Field Value of “Yes” and click update.




    We’re now ready to view the Order Form as the customer will see it. Towards the upper right corner of the screen click “View” to enter View mode.


    You’ll see the checkbox field that we added along with the other fields on the Order Form. You can return to the Edit mode using the Edit link where you previously clicked “View”.


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