Docmart Catalog Layout Options - MKB0125


    If you are not familiar with DocMart Catalogs, read this article first.

    There are 2 ways to display your user's print-on-demand (DocMart) products.

    Layout 1 - Default (image below)

    With this layout, you're able to display many items on the screen at one time, making it the preferred layout for lists with more than 25 items. When an item is clicked the user will arrive at an Order Form where they'll fill in any require information and add the item to their shopping cart.

    If you must collect more information then just a quantity from your user, you must use this layout as the other layout bypasses the Order Form.

    Layout 2: (image below) 

    Good for simple products that only require a quantity. Greatly lowers mouse clicks and screen changes.

    Enable this layout by selecting the following checkbox in the desired Catalog's configuration page:



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