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    Exporting Data from MyOrderDesk

    Exporting data out of MyOrderDesk is simple, and the most common methods are supported including HTML, CSV (Spreadsheet),  XML, and cXML.  


    1. Report Builder (HTML & CSV)

    The report builder is used to create custom report templates which can be saved and ran by print shop employees or assigned to a group of users to be ran on their own. Report columns can be formatted to your specific needs and we do not force you to use pre-built reports. 

    Sample HTML report (exportable to CSV):


    2. Export Job Tickets via website (XML & CSV)

    Print shop employees can use the Export Job Tickets tool to export job data in XML format. All Job data will be included in the export. The Classic Job Export link will allow a CSV file to be exported.


    3. MyOrderDesk API (XML)

    The MyOrderDesk API uses HTTPS and XML. An application that wants to use the API acts as an HTTP client. An application can send a request to MyOrderDesk as part of an HTTPS POST message and our servers respond with the appropriate acknowledgement or XML data.

    The following Job/Order API calls are available from MyOrderDesk. For more information on our API, please contact sales or support.
    • ListJobsByDate - Basic Job data XML which is displayed on the My Jobs page.
    • GetJob - Detailed job data XML, specified by a JobID.
    • GetJobsByDate - Detailed job data XML for multiple jobs, queried by date range.

    If you require XML data to be pushed to your application in a specific format, please contact us for more details.

    4. Punchout (cXML)

    MyOrderDesk supports cXML punchout. Please contact us for more details.



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