In this article we will demonstrate how to set up a PayPal Payment Method. When accepting payments online, this is the recommended option because of it's ease of use in setup, no monthly fees, and ability to not only accept PayPal information, but credit, and debit cards as well. 

    Start Here:

    Use the Administration Menu to navigate to Shopping Cart > Payment Methods



    Setting Up a Paypal Payment Method.

    Step 1. Using the Add Payment Method drop down menu, select Paypal Express.



    Step 2. We recommend naming the payment method "PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card", then check the Enabled box.

    - Check Auto Lock Job to prevent users from making changes to the order after the payment is submitted. (Recommended)

    - Choose when this Payment Method displays during the checkout process.

    • Checkout (complete) - Payment method is displayed to the user at checkout when all items in the Cart have pricing. (see below)

    • Checkout (partial) - Payment method will display to the user at checkout if any of the items in the cart do not have a price. (see below)


    • Request Payment - When this box is checked, your payment method will display when you request a payment on an already checked out order.




    Step 3. Enter your PayPal merchant account information, this information can be found by following the instructions at the following link or by calling PayPal customer service.




    Step 4. To submit test orders without the Credit Card being charged you will need to get a different set of test credentials from Paypal for their sandbox environment, then check the Sandbox checkbox.



    Step 5. Choose how you would like to process the payment.

    • Sale - A sale payment action represents a single payment that completes a purchase for a specified amount.
    • Authorization - An authorization payment action represents an agreement to pay and places the buyer's funds on hold for up to three days. You must log into PayPal to complete the sale.



    Step 6.Enter the name of a Paypal custom style sheet. This will be displayed to the user during checkout. (optional)

    You can find more information on setting up custom style sheets here:



    Step 7. Navigate to your Users&Groups page to enable the Payment Method for your group(s).

    Step 7-1. Click on a group that will be using this Payment Method.

    Step 7-2. Expand Checkout Options.

    Step 7-3. Select the Payment Method(s) and use the drop down menu to turn them on.


    The PayPal Payment method is now ready! The image below is an example of how it displays!


    If you have questions or would like extra support on this topic please call 866.770.7561 opt 2. or open a support ticket.


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