About Services


    For Printer’s Plan, a Service is a chargeable component of a product that you sell. Following are some examples:

    • Design of a brochure
    • Paper used in producing a brochure
    • A digital printer used to print on paper
    • Process of folding a brochure in half

    Whether a component is a labor service, such as designing a brochure, or some material that is a part of a final product, such as paper, the term used to define it in Printer’s Plan is “Service”. In this guide, the term is capitalized (Service) to differentiate it from the common usage of the word, in which case, it is not capitalized (service).

    Each Service needs to be set up in Printer’s Plan with its unique cost/price/production factors. Then, when a customer requests a quote or places an order for a product (or “job” as most commonly referred to in the industry), the Services needed for the production of the job are assigned to the Quote or the Order. Printer’s Plan prices each of the assigned Services separately and then adds these prices together to arrive at the final price of the job.

    To see some sample Services already set up in Printer’s Plan:

    Go to the “Services” section.

    The items displayed in the List Manager are “Service Departments”.

    Expand the Departments by clicking the two down arrows. Service Categories under each Department are displayed.

    Click any Service Category to list the Services created in that Category.

    See the next section to learn about organizing Service Departments and Categories.


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