Writing Off Unpaid Balances (A/R)


    When it becomes unlikely that you will collect payment on an invoice, especially if only a small amount is due, you may want to write off the invoice.

    Most of the reports that show the write-off amount are included in Reports | Posting.

    NOTE: Printer’s Plan does not deduct write-offs from sales totals.


    Writing Off Invoices

    1. In the A/R section, click Likely under Write Off.

    A window showing write-off conditions appears.

    2. Fill in the two fields. Printer’s Plan saves these values as defaults until you change them again in this window.

    3. Click OK. Invoices that satisfy one or both of the conditions indicated appear on the right.

    4. Select (highlight) the invoice(s) that you want to write off, and click the Write off… button to write off the selected invoices.

    A confirmation window appears.

    5. Click OK. A second confirmation window appears.

    6. Click OK.
    The write-off amount appears in the Write Off field of the Job Totals window.


    Viewing invoices written off

    To see a list of the invoices to which a write-off has been applied, select Written Off under Write Off.

    If you have written off many invoices, the list that appears may be long. Use the “Add Filter” feature to display a subset of the invoices:

    1. Right-click Written Off and select Add Filter….

    The Find window appears.

    2. Select the criteria and click Find Now to list the invoice(s).

    NOTE: To view specific information on each write-off, see Reports | Audit Trail.


    Reversing a Write-Off

    Sometimes a customer pays an old balance which you have written off. In this case, first remove the write-off amount from the invoice, and then apply the payment.

    To remove the write-off amount from an invoice:

    1. Find the invoice following the steps under “Viewing Invoices Written Off”.

    2. Double-click the invoice to open it.

    3. Click the Job Totals button to open the Job Totals window.

    4. Highlight the amount in the Write Off field and enter 0.00 (zero)


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